Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I found it again!

Monday, 8th Oct

lost interest in reading for a few months and only lately I started to enjoy reading again. I have finished four books in three weeksand now I'm into a fifth book.

The book that brought back my appetite to read was by Jo Bourne. It is a romance book, which I found very interesting storyIt is a spy story during Napoleon Bonaparte rulingWhen I read the book, I could still remember how Napoleon's looked based on my form two's history bookIt was a well written storyand Jo Bourne won one of RITA's awards for this book.

Once I finished, I started to look at my TBR and nothing really caught my fancy until I saw the Pittacus Lore's  the "Lost Legacy" books and remembered that his latest book was out in September. I purchased my book from Kobo and downloaded it on my iPad.  

 Wellif you watch the movie on HBO, "I AM NO FOUR", the book that I read was about No. 9. If you have not read or watch the movie, it was about 10 alien kids that were sent down to earth together with their Cepan (guardian). Each of them was blessed with certain giftsand their aim is to free their world from Mongodorian. The Mongodorians were send down to earth to search for the kids and kill them to earth.  The Mongodorian were smart and they make friends with the world governmentThey have their own objective. To kill those kidsand conquer earth and destroy earth as what they have done to Lorien, the kids planet.So it was up to those kids to fight the Mongodorion. 

love the Lost Legacy booksIt was full of actionand in this bookthey have found all the members, except No. 5. I guess No. 5 would be the next Pittacus Lore book and the showdown between them and the enemy.

After I had finished the Rise of Nine, I downloaded another Pittacus Lore's book. It was about the lost legacy, that is  No 1, No 2 and No 3. If the other books were from the kids' point of viewthis book was from Adam, the son of the Mongodorian bossHe told the story how those three met with their deathand  No 1 was killed in Sarawak. To be specific, it was somewhere near the Rajang's river.

My appetite for reading continues and while browsing through my ebooks library, I saw that I have not started on the Hunger Games,by Suzanne Collins. I have seen the movie so I kind of know the story linebut I didn't expect that I would be very engrossed with it, I stayed up until past midnight to finish the bookIt was really a good book and another well written book. After I had finished with the book, I was contemplating to buy her next two booksbut the price is a little bit high for an e book. I think I will wait for a while before I buy the Catching Fire and Mockingjay.

To appease my reading appetite, I am currently reading "Close Enough to Touch" by Victoria Dahl. I know she will be able to keep me engross just like all her books before this.

So what books have you read so farCare to share?


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