Thursday, August 9, 2012

Free Vacation, Grandpa and Swollen

This is my second night in the hospitalVery quiet. TV  was off, and the only sound heard was from iPad. Hmmm.. iPad got keyboard, meh? It was from my bluetooth keyboard.

The kids were at home. I told hubby not to bring them to see me. Last time they were here, they missed their school bus and get a free holiday.  So it was only my hubby who visited me, but he was here for a short while only to bring some foods and my laptop.

Well since, my fever was also has gone now, I can at least do some work while waiting for the swollen and pain to go away. You may wonder what happened to me. Actually, hmm.... I also don't know what happened and how it happened. I only know that I had a very high fever, and a redswollenpainfulleft leg. What caused it, only Allah knows. Okay, lets trace back how it happened.

It was on Sunday afternoon, and I was lying on the couch playing with my iPad. It was one of the occasions where I can get hold of my iPad. I was reading Hunger Games when suddenly, I felt very cold. I was shivering uncontrollably, and Amir quickly ran upstairs to bring the comforter down.

thought it would go away, but I was wrong. The shivering was getting stronger and stronger, and my body was getting hotter. My hubby asked me to take some medicine, but I was adamant to continue to fast. I was drifting in and out of sleep on the couch, and Zara and Zaki were busy to keep me warmNow and thensomeone will come and touch my forehead. I heard them said, " Makin panas."

I don't know how long i was in that condition before I asked for water. My mouth was so dry, and body started to ache all over. My hubby wanted to take me to the hospital, but I told him to break his fast first.

We went after Maghrib, and when I reached the hospital emergency room, it was almost empty. The few people who were there was actually busy watching the Olympic final game between Lin Dan and Datuk Lee Chong Wei. I tried to watch too, but I couldn't open my eyes.

don't have to wait too long before I was called in. The doctor was polite, and after checking, he didn't find anything unusualSo they took my blood and urine for testFirst result came back, my white cell is high, and it show some infection. Since there is nothing significant that can be pointed out to be the case of my illness, his first thought was my throat as I have slight coughSo, he gave me PCM and some antibiotic and to comeback after three days if my fever didn't come down. Oh!! He gave me the most important document, the MC for one day.

Since I didn't eat anything since sahur, hubby took me and Zara to Islamic Kitchen. Actually it was him that wanted to eat than me or Zara. I told him to call me once the food arrived while I continued to sleep in the carNot long after he left, he knocked on the car windowSlowly and sleepily, I walked to the restaurant. Both of them ate, but I only had two glasses of cold drinks, and I also took my medicines. After the first one hour, I felt good already. Since I had lots of sleep during the day time, I couldn't sleepso I decided to watch the London Olympics. Half way through it was the TV watching me. I switched off the TV,  got up and went to my room. By this time, I was sweating, and my t-shirt was damped.

Throughout the night, I felt hot and colddrifting in and out of sleep. On Monday, my condition didn't change, and in the afternoon, my left leg started to get swollen and red. It was also hot and painful when touched.

On Tuesday morning, my fever was still the same, and the redness has spread up. My hubby was worried and took me to hospital againFurthermore, I need the precious certificate, else I would be in trouble for not showing up to work, and especially I have a presentation to management.

When the doctor saw my leg and my condition, she decided to give me a free vacation with free room and food, but hey, it was no free vacationokay?

Every five or six hours, someone would come to take my blood pressure, temperature, heartbeat, etc. And another would come to give me a shot of antibiotic. Then another one to clean the roomfood la..and so many other things. But they are all very polite and courteous, and they are doing their job to take care of me, right?

Well since, I was alone tonight, I had a lovely chat with my friend BP. We were talking about how she needs to go for holidays. Yeah, she will be leaving the account in a few days, and going back to her company. I'm going to miss her. When time permits, we would  go out lunch together where we traded stories about our kids and family. Well, we can always chats on Whatsapp, but it won't be the same as in person.

Talking about Whatsapp, few days ago she sent me the picture above via Whatsapp. We nickname that picture, Grandpa. She went to Koh Samui earlier this year for her nephew's wedding, and she managed to take the picture of grandma and grandpa. At first, I thought it was a real grandma and grandpa, but when I saw what it was, I burst laughing.

What do you thinkDon't you want to go and visit the grandpa and grandma at Koh Samui? If you can afford, why not? It might be an experience that you will never forgetJust like my friend, BP.

Okay time to goNurse would come around soon and it past midnight. See you...

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